ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: November 2018

General Updates

  • Data Integrity Review Process – The ASSIST software vendor, Fairway, has almost completed the analysis phase of this process. When we begin to apply fixes, the initial focus will be on data which is displayed on the 2017-18 and 2018-19 transferability lists given the December 2018 Course Transferability Tool release.

  • Development Focus – Fairway and the ASSIST team have been concentrating on system issues related to transferability lists and some critical improvements to the Course Transferability Tool functionality. The next block of tickets to be addressed will include issues related to articulation.


For Articulation Officers and Data Managing ASSIST Users

  • Release Notes – You may notice that we are now including a number (AST-XXXX) next to the descriptions of items which have been fixed. This number correlates to an issue ticket that was worked on by the developers. This information is helpful to provide to us if you have a question about something you see on the release notes and will also help the ASSIST team to quickly find background information related to a specific release.

  • Course Merge and Course Reactivation Reminders - both of these are now Admin only functions (i.e. if needed, please contact your ASSIST Articulation Specialist) and have different effects on transferability:

    • Course Merge - the target course (course that is absorbing content) will retain its transferability. The merging course (or course being absorbed) will not retain its transferability. Users must submit new proposals for any lost transferability as result of using the Merge function.

    • Course Reactivation - Reactivated courses do not automatically have any previous UCTCA, CSUGE, AI, or IGETC eligibility reinstated. Users must submit new proposals for UCTCA, CSUGE, AI, or IGETC via the ASSIST Workflow. Proposals will be reviewed based on the submission deadlines set by the CSU Chancellor’s Office and UC Office of the President.

  • Tips when submitting a Workflow proposal - new tips appear during various points in the proposal creation process to support users:

    • When choosing a term for submission:

    • Regarding the need to publish new courses and changes so they are reflected in the course dropdown:

    • Regarding the need to mark an outline as Complete in the same term as the one selected in the window: (e.g. submitting a proposal for Fall 2019 so the outline must be marked as Complete in Fall 2019)


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