ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: November 2019

General Updates

  • Upcoming Office Closures – In the month of December, ASSIST staff will be out of the office for Winter Curtailment the 23rd through the 31st.
  • New Agreements on ASSIST – Users should continue to see an increase in the number of recent course-to-course, major, and general education agreements (2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020) between community colleges and four-year universities. Please note that the type, number, and academic years for which agreements are published will vary from institution to institution. Some institutions are waiting for articulation related issues to be fixed before they can publish certain agreements as well. To date, almost 690,000 department, prefix, major and general education agreements have been published!
  • CSU General Education and IGETC Review Cycle - This time of year, the ASSIST team heavily supports the community college articulation officers in the course submission process. Courses must be submitted to obtain or retain transferability and eligibility approvals. Now that the deadline for submitting courses has passed, the ASSIST team will be supporting the CSU and UC systems in the course review process until the review process completes in approximately late Spring. 
  • ASSIST Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting - In November, ASSIST hosted the Fall bi-annual PAC meeting. Comprised of students, faculty, transfer center directors, evaluators, and articulation officers, this group provides recommendations regarding ASSIST policies and practices.
  • Coming soon! New Announcements Feature on ASSIST – We are currently working with a Fairway User Experience Expert to design a tool for us to communicate important information and announcements on the homepage of the ASSIST public website. We anticipate this feature will be added to the site in early 2020.
  • Update - Interim Explore Majors feature – Work continues on the alternative exploring majors tool developed in partnership with Los Medanos College. CSU and UC Articulation Officers have begun providing updated major information. The process of updating any old information will take place over time.  We anticipate that the tool will become available to the public in early 2020. Once available, a link will be placed on the new ASSIST public website and a communication will be sent out. We appreciate your patience while the work is completed to make this tool available.

For Articulation Officers and Data Managing ASSIST Users

User-specific communication will continue to be delivered via the ASSIST Articulation Officer listservs, while general updates will be provided here.

  • Data Integrity Documents – In October, ASSIST provided each articulation officer documents containing institution-specific curriculum impacted by the data integrity review process. No additional action is required of articulation officers other than to share the information with campus staff as appropriate.

  • Curriculum Corrections and Administrator-Only Functions – In addition to cross-listing changes, reactivations, and prefix changes, please continue sending any back-dated curriculum corrections (for example, a title changed in Fall 2002 and it never got changed) to your assigned Articulation Specialist. Back-dated curriculum corrections are sophisticated and may require additional ASSIST admin actions.

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