ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: Summer 2020

General Updates

  • Upcoming ASSIST closures - ASSIST Central Services (ACS) will be closed on the following dates:
    • Veteran’s Day - Wednesday, November 11
    • Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 26 & Friday, November 27
    • Winter Holidays - Thursday, December 24, Friday, December 25, Monday, December 28, Tuesday, December 29, & Friday, December 30
    • New Year Holiday - Thursday, December 31 & Friday, January 1, 2021
  • Transferability Lists - The 2020-2021 UC Transferable Courses lists, otherwise known as UC Transfer Course Agreements (UC TCAs), and UC Transfer Admission Eligibility Courses lists are now displaying on  
  • Articulation Agreements - As of September 30, 2020, 1.65 million new prefix, department, major, and general education articulation agreements have been published to
  • New Institution in ASSIST - Effective F2020, Madera Community College is the newest California Community College (CCC) to be added to ASSIST. The Madera 2020-2021 transferability lists are now available and articulation agreements will become available pursuant to CSU and UC campus articulation publishing timelines. 
  • Institution Name Changes in ASSIST - Compton Community College is now displayed in ASSIST as Compton College effective F2019. In addition, California Maritime Academy is known as California State University Maritime Academy effective F2015. Prior and new institution names both display in institution drop down menus since data is available for each institutional iteration. 
  • ASSIST Stakeholder Groups 
    • The ASSIST Articulation Officer Workgroup met in September to provide feedback and input on a handful of important topics including:
      • Potential approaches to expanding sources of support for articulation officers who are new to their role.
      • Planned course history screen improvements in the ASSIST Curriculum Management area.
      • Access points for greater engagement of students in the ASSIST feedback process. 
    • The Articulation Rebuild Workgroup (ARW) focused on the Articulation Modernization effort through their input and feedback on new articulation area designs, features, and functionality as we prepare to move into an active development phase.
  • ASSIST User Support - In addition to the everyday support provided by the ASSIST team, in September a specialized ASSIST system training was held for new California Community College Articulation Officers (CCC AOs). We appreciate the opportunity to provide comprehensive training and helpful resources for new CCC AOs through this annual partnership with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO).

For Articulation Officers and Data Managing Users

  • CCC Preparation for Upcoming CSU GE, AI and IGETC Review Cycle
    • Please allow plenty of time for any preparatory actions related to submitting courses in the upcoming CSU GE, AI and IGETC review cycle. This includes:
      • Requesting course reactivations
      • Requesting global prefix edits
      • Requesting course cross-listings
      • Ensuring the correct version of an outline is available
    • In terms of ASSIST support for CCC AOs in preparing for the submission process, the following resources are available on the ASSIST Resource Center website:
    • As an additional visual support, we will be releasing a new tutorial at the beginning of November specifically covering submission of course outlines for the CSU GE, AI and IGETC review cycle.
  • Database Summary Reports - the Database Summary report, previously available to CCC AOs on the ASSIST Info Center, is presently available upon request. CCC AOs should contact ASSIST to request a Database Summary Report as needed. 

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