ASSISTance: August 2018

Welcome back to those who enjoyed a summer break, and welcome to the newly launched ASSIST Resource Center! Beginning this month, ASSIST staff will be providing a monthly update, along with any important information as available. This month:

  • The ASSIST Information Site was replaced by the ASSIST Resource Center - All relevant links and data have been migrated here with the exception of the legacy ASSIST Maintenance Reports, which are still active and accessbile to those with existing login credentials. To access the maintenance reports, use the following link. It may be helpful to bookmark the link:
  • We have an update regarding launch dates for the temporary ASSIST Course Transferability Tool website and new ASSIST public website - It is anticipated that the tempoarary ASSIST Course Transferability Tool website will be released by the end of this calendar year following completion of all phases of the data integrity review process. In addition, we are evaluating remaining critical development tasks with the expectation of a Summer 2019 launch of the new ASSIST public website. For information regarding the difference between these two upcoming websites, please click here: ASSIST Upcoming Releases
  • ASSIST Help email established - While data managing ASSIST users have direct contacts for ASSIST support, we knew it was important for the general public to be able to reach ASSIST staff for questions and comments. The email address is active and monitored daily.

For Articulation Officers and Data Managing ASSIST Users
User-specific communication will continue to be delivered via the ASSIST listserv, while general updates will be provided on this website. User guide revisions are being finalized and the updated documents will be placed on this website soon. Additional communication via ASSIST listservs will be provided when the updated guides are available. Other updates include:

  • New ASSIST Reports area is updating nightly again - Course Reports will reflect changes made up to the previous day while most Articulation Reports will update in real time.
  • Webinar Announcement for CCC AOs - This October, ASSIST staff will provide a refresher webinar with tips for proposing courses in the upcoming CSUGE/CSUAI/IGETC review cycle. Additional information will be sent via the ASSIST CCC AO listserv.
  • New CCC AO Training - ASSIST will be presenting at the new CCC AO training sponsored by the CCC Chancellor's Office this September in Sacramento. See you soon!
  • Term Selection update now live in the Curriculum Area - Due to the prevalance of curriculm additions and changes being made in the wrong term, it was decided to have the system no longer default to a specific term and instead, require users to select a term before displaying any curriculum information. If you have any questions or encounter any issues related to this update, please contact your ASSIST Articulation Specialist
  • October Curriculum Updates - For those users who prefer to update curriculum in new ASSIST based on the legacy ASSIST curriculm update schedule, October has historically been the month when users are asked to submit any curricular changes and new courses that are effective for the coming Spring term. In new ASSIST, this upcoming October may be a good time for you to enter any such changes for the upcoming SPRING 2019 term if you have not done so already.