ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: December 2018

General Updates

  • The Course Transferability Tool ( is now live! From this site you can view 2017-18 and 2018-19 course transferability lists.
    • Tip – Navigating the lists using Firefox as a browser provides you with a table of contents for faster navigation to specific departments.
    • Introduction video – watch this quick video to see an overview of the tool: ASSIST Course Transferability Tool Tutorial

  • Upcoming ASSIST Coordination Site Closures – The ASSIST office will be closing at 3pm December 21st until January 2nd. Happy Holidays from the ASSIST Team!
  • Data Integrity Review Process – After a considerable amount of work on behalf of both the ASSIST software vendor (Fairway) and the ASSIST team, we have now entered the final stage of this process.
  • ASSIST Advisory Committee Formed – This committee functions in a policy advisory capacity and as a sounding board for initiatives. This group will convene at least twice a year in person and will be facilitated by the ASSIST Executive Management and Oversight Committee (EMOC) chair and the ASSIST Program Manager. In addition to articulation officers, the committee includes faculty (appointed by their respective Academic Senates), and registrars/transfer advisors from each segment. There are three segment-specific representatives total, with each segment having made its committee member selections in accordance with its own appointment practices. The goal is to convene the first meeting in early 2019.
  • links to UC and CSU majors – We have recently experienced at least one of these links expiring. ASSIST is displaying the links, but the UC and CSU systems are managing them. Please notify us if you encounter any issues with either link and we will partner with the appropriate system to help them troubleshoot the issue.

For Articulation Officers and Data Management ASSIST Users

  • Development Focus – While there are some behind-the-scenes tickets related to the Course Transferability Tool wrapping up, articulation tickets have been integrated into the current development work and will be the targeted area for upcoming work in the month of January.

  • Important Publish Reminder – Curriculum updates do not share to articulation, workflow, reports or public site areas of the system until they are published. The ASSIST team frequently discovers courses awaiting publication across multiple terms when helping troubleshoot user inquiries. Until we can develop a way to see where you have items still needing to be published, please periodically check publish tab terms.

  • Updating ASSIST directories and e-mail distribution lists – friendly reminder to notify us if we need to update our directory or the distribution lists we use to e-mail users about data management system updates.
  • ASSIST AO Workgroup Formed – This workgroup leverages the expertise of articulation officers to help guide the development of ASSIST system functionality, features, or attributes. The workgroup will also test new features, system improvements, or complex bug fixes as needed, and serve as an additional ASSIST liaison to communicate feedback to the articulation community. The workgroup will convene 1-2 times a month by phone and be facilitated by ASSIST team members. There are two representatives from each segment, with each segment to make its appointments to the workgroup in accordance with its own appointment practices. The first meeting with the newly created AO Workgroup was held in December to discuss curriculum management and course data consistency concerns presented by the CSU system.

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