ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: April & May 2019

General Updates

  • New ASSIST Public Site Update - The new ASSIST public site official release date is May 31, 2019.
    • Communication Strategy -  Circulating important updates beyond campus articulation staff requires the use of CCC, UC, and CSU-specific system office e-mail distribution lists. Make sure you are in the loop by confirming you are on any relevant system-specific counseling, transfer, or articulation distribution lists within your campus system.
  • New ASSIST Public Site Tutorials - Five new public site tutorials have been created and added to the Tutorials tab of the ASSIST Resource Center:
  • New ASSIST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - This living document, updated regularly, provides a quick and easy way to access answers to questions likely to be asked about the new ASSIST public site. Critical information, including what will and will not be available on when the new site launches on May 31st, is housed in the FAQ document.
    • For information regarding Explore Majors functionality, please see FAQ #12.
  • New ASSIST Public Site PowerPoint - This general information PowerPoint regarding the new public site can be downloaded and customized by campuses for use in educating others.
  • New ASSIST Communications Toolkit - Sample emails, text messages, social media posts, a student handout, and other resources for campuses will be available on May 31st to help spread the word of the release and help inform students.
  • ASSISTing at Conferences - ASSIST presented at the California Intersegmental Articulation Council (CIAC) annual conference in April and the Ensuring Transfer Success (ETS) conferences in May. ETS attendees viewed a demonstration of the new ASSIST public site and ASSIST Resource Center, and had a chance to see the new student promotional materials and visit the ASSIST table to ask questions.

For Articulation Officers and Data Managing ASSIST Users

User-specific communication will continue to be delivered via the ASSIST AO listservs, while general updates will be provided here.
  • Curriculum Updates and Publication - An ASSIST Data Entry Timeline Advisory e-mail was sent to CCC AOs as a reminder to update (and publish) any curriculum changes for the upcoming 19-20 academic year (as well as past academic year terms, where publication may have been missed) as soon as possible so UC and CSU AOs are able to move forward with updating articulation for the coming year. A tracking spreadsheet has been created for CCC AOs to indicate the status of their curriculum updates. Course additions, changes, or terminations made after May 31st may result in a delay to establishing or changing articulation.
  • Review Decisions for CCC Course Submissions - As CSUCO and UCOP finalize CSUGE, CSUAI, and IGETC review decisions, please remember we have asked users to not refer to any Message Center notifications for results. Please see the Locating Course Submission Decision Information tutorial for more details on the suggested way to view the results of the review process.
  • Articulation Staffing Changes - If your campus has experienced or is expecting to experience changes to personnel responsible for managing curriculum and articulation data, please contact ASSIST to coordinate informal training and learn about the resources and support we can provide during the transition. We require administrator approval to create new data-managing user accounts. Training with ASSIST is strongly recommended before attempting to manage curriculum or articulation data in the system.
  • Development Work - The Fairway development team has been progressing on logged tickets related to the public site, articulation, templates, cross-listed course history management, agreement previews and publication. An update will be provided soon regarding the status of system performance issues related to the publishing of articulation agreements.
  • UC/CSU AO Webinar Series - ASSIST hosted three weekly mini-training webinars to provide focused guidance on various features that may be used in preparing articulation agreements. These webinars were recorded and sent out to UC/CSU-AOs via e-mail. As users and Fairway continue their work in and on the ASSIST system, ASSIST staff will assess the need for future webinars, which will be scheduled to align with completion of articulation related fixes.

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