ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: March 2019

General Updates

  • New ASSIST Public Site Update – The new ASSIST public site development work continues as we prepare for the May 31, 2019 release. Make sure to check back for new ASSIST public site release related documents and tools that will be available by May 31st on the ASSIST Resource Center to support campuses.

    • New ASSIST Public Site Tutorial - Anyone will be able to access a new tutorial with an overview of the new ASSIST public site, coming soon to the ASSIST Resource Center.

    • New ASSIST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - This living document will provide a quick and easy way to access answers to questions likely to be asked about the new ASSIST public site.

    • New ASSIST Public Site PowerPoint - This general informational PowerPoint regarding the new public site can be downloaded and customized by campuses for use in educating others.

    • New ASSIST Student Outreach Toolkit - Sample emails, social media, and text message communications for campuses will be available to spread the word of the release and help inform students.

  • ASSISTing at Conferences - ASSIST will be presenting at the Ensuring Transfer Success (ETS) conferences in May. If you are in attendance, please feel free to stop by and say "Hello" or ask any questions you may have.

  • ASSIST Articulation Officer Workgroup Update - The ASSIST Articulation Officer Workgroup continues to meet twice a month.  Recent topics have focused on new public site functionality and help menus. We very much appreciate the input from this group. To access more information about this group and its members, please visit the ASSIST Resource Center About Us page.


For Articulation Officers (AOs) and Data Managing ASSIST Users

User-specific communication will continue to be delivered via the ASSIST AO listservs, while general updates will be provided here.

  • New User Accounts – Contact ASSIST staff to request additional user accounts for your campus. Please indicate the new user’s name, e-mail address, and the type of account needed. AOs can request either of the account types, while brand new AO accounts require administrator approval in the absence of an existing AO.

    • UC/CSU/CCC AO – data management roles with access to update curriculum, articulation, workflow, and view reports (administrator or AO approval required).

    • UC/CSU/CCC Faculty/Staff – read-only roles with access to view institution-specific Reports Area.

  • Multiple Users from the Same Institution - When working in the curriculum and articulation management areas of the system, please be sure that two individuals from the same institution are not working in the exact same area at the same time. This is particularly important when working in articulation in terms of a single receiving institution and sending institution.

  • Updated Resources – in addition to the four new tutorials added to the Tutorials page last month, the UC/CSU-AO user guide was revised to include additional information based on common questions received from users as well as to showcase system functionality improvements as the result of ongoing development.

  • Development work – The Fairway development team has been progressing on logged tickets related to major-specific articulation, course series functionality, agreement previews, and publication.

  • UC/CSU-AO Webinar Series – ASSIST hosted two weekly mini-training webinars (Major Specific Articulation; Course Series Management; Articulation Gear Menu) to provide focused guidance on the various features 4 year AOs need to use to complete preparing articulation agreements. These webinars were recorded and sent out to UC/CSU-AOs via e-mail.

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