ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: February 2020

General Updates

  • Upcoming Office Closure - ASSIST Central Services (ACS) will be closed on Friday, March 27, 2020, in observance of the Cesar Chavez Holiday.
  • Fairway Resourcing - Two Fairway developers who were previously on leave have returned to the ASSIST project. We expect this will have a positive impact on the velocity with which issues and tickets are resolved.
  • ASSIST Resourcing Update - After a competitive application process, the new ASSIST Program Coordinator role has been filled by Lindsey Caputo. Formerly an Articulation Specialist with ASSIST, Lindsey’s experience and subject matter expertise have allowed her to quickly assume the responsibilities of  her new role, which includes serving as the primary ASSIST liaison to Fairway. As a result of Lindsey’s job change, ASSIST will soon be seeking a new ASSIST Articulation Specialist. An announcement will be sent out once the position is posted for recruitment. 

For Articulation Officers and Data Managing Users

  • Cross-list Requests in ASSIST - When sending cross-list requests to ASSIST, please be sure to include the effective term of the request. For new cross-listings, that means the term when the cross-listing starts on your campus. For cross-listings that are ending, that means the term in which the cross-listing is no longer valid on your campus.
  • Data Integrity Update - ASSIST team member Liz Sanchez, in partnership with Fairway, continues to work on data corrections including courses that are currently suppressed from applicable public site transferability lists. This multi-step, manual process is exceedingly complex, so your continued patience as this work is done is appreciated. Additional details will be forthcoming regarding the process by which institutions will be notified as these courses are returned to displaying on
  • Articulation Agreement Publication Reports - Links to updated reports are added daily to the publication report log on the shared CIAC google drive. You need access to the shared CIAC google drive to access the report. We send weekly update e-mails each Friday that include instructions for how to request access to the CIAC google drive that is hosted by CSU San Bernardino.

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