ASSIST News and Updates

ASSIST News and Updates



ASSISTance: Fall 2020/Winter 2021

Sorry for the delay in getting this update out to you. We will strive to get this out sooner moving forward!

General Updates

  • Upcoming ASSIST Closures - ASSIST Central Services (ACS) will be closed on the following date:
    • Friday, March 26, 2021 - Cesar Chavez Holiday
  • Articulation Agreements - As of February 2021, almost 2 million new prefix, department, major, and general education agreements have been published by CSU and UC Articulation Officers to!
  • Availability of Academic Year (AY) 2021-2022 on ASSIST - will begin to display the academic year 2021-2022 as an available selection near the end of May or in early June. Historically, ASSIST releases the upcoming academic year in late spring or early summer in order to make available updated general education transferability lists based on completion of the most recent CSU GE, CSU AI, and IGETC review cycle. The 2021-2022 UC Transfer Course Agreement (UC TCA) and UC Transfer Admission Eligibility Courses Lists will become available in the fall upon completion of the UCOP summer review cycle.
    • New Ethnic Studies Requirement (CSU GE Area F) on ASSIST - Fall 2021 (2021-2022 AY) is the earliest term courses will be approved for Area F. The publication of the 2021-2022 CSU GE lists will include the first display of courses approved for Area F.
  • ASSIST Team Addition - On December 1, 2020, we officially welcomed our new Senior Articulation Analyst, Kassidee Sattler, to the ASSIST Central Services team. Kassidee brings a wealth of database and articulation-related experience, as well as strong policy analysis, project management, and intersegmental collaboration skills. In addition, she has direct ASSIST experience as an Articulation & Curriculum Systems Analyst for CSU Channel Islands, where she was responsible for tracking and maintaining thousands of articulation agreements. Kassidee’s primary assignment will be supporting Northern and Central California articulation officers and users in addition to supporting the ASSIST project as a whole. Please join us in welcoming Kassidee to ASSIST!
  • ASSIST Articulation Officer Workgroup (AAW) Update - On January 12, 2021, the AAW met to discuss campus policies when cross-listing courses, access to legacy ASSIST maintenance reports, and campus web browser availability when using ASSIST. We appreciate the valuable input provided by this group.
  • ASSIST Technology Update
    • Data Integrity Review and Remediation Process
      • An important data integrity milestone was achieved in January, resolving more than 94% of identified data issues and releasing more than half of the courses flagged for data remediation on The next data release phase will occur in April, with a complete process resolution in June. 
    • Transferability List Enhancements on
      • The ASSIST project team achieved a substantial milestone in simplifying and streamlining the data organization underlying the display of courses on the ASSIST transferability lists in January. This improved data structure allows for more efficient public site enhancements, improves  the site’s performance, and establishes the foundation for transforming the course transferability lists from a static form (PDF) into a dynamic and responsive display (HTML) later this spring. 
        • UC Transfer Admission Eligibility Courses List and UC Footnotes - The UC Transfer Admission Eligibility Courses list is now displaying UC footnotes associated with the courses on the list. Previously, these important advisories or limitations only displayed on the UC Transfer Course Agreements (UC TCAs), also known as the UC Transferable Courses List. The footnote additions will allow ASSIST users who frequently refer to the UC Transfer Admission Eligibility Courses list to have this critical information readily available. For questions related to the addition of UC footnotes to the UC Transfer Admission Eligibility Courses list, please contact For questions related to UC footnote content, please contact Chase Fischerhall (, Jennifer Forsberg ( and Kate Fitzpatrick (
      • These system improvements further highlight ASSIST’s commitment to modernized technology, system stability, and data integrity. We look forward to making further progress and accomplishments in the coming year that will provide you with a quality ASSIST experience.
  • ASSIST Project Timeline - For more information about ASSIST 2020-2021 project accomplishments and upcoming milestones, please visit the ASSIST Project Timeline found on the ASSIST Resource Center.


For Articulation Officers and Data Managing Users

  • Tutorial Update - Visit the recently reorganized Tutorials page on the ASSIST Resource Center
  • System Maintenance and Release Notes - Whenever system maintenance occurs, the ASSIST team will follow up with an email outlining specific improvements conducted during the update period. Please be sure to refer to these “System Maintenance Release Notes” for specific ticket numbers and descriptions, and share with any applicable campus personnel. 

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