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April 2019 New ASSIST Public Website Update

DATE:     April 22, 2019

TO:         Articulation Officers, Transfer Center Directors, Counselors and Advisors,
               Directors of Admissions, Directors of Outreach, Registrars, and Evaluators

RE:         April 2019 New ASSIST Public Website Update

Dear Colleagues,
As indicated in our March 2019 update, the new ASSIST public website will be released on May 31, 2019. At that time, the new website will be found at

The first phase in this iterative release process will integrate the core functionality from the legacy ASSIST system, and the Course Transferability Tool, in order to display transferability lists and articulation agreements in a redesigned, modernized and user-friendly website. 

Transferability lists from the legacy ASSIST system and the Course Transferability Tool will be immediately available, as well as most transferability lists for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

The type of articulation agreements, and the academic years available, will vary institution to institution. While all articulation agreements for the most recent academic years will not be displayed immediately, they will be available as soon as possible after the release. 

More details regarding the release can be found on the new ASSIST public website FAQ page of the ASSIST Resource Center. This help page will be updated continually to reflect the most recent information at hand and answers to other common questions received. 

We appreciate your partnership as we near achievement of this important first phase milestone, and continue our work to support the articulation community and the meaningful efforts focused on the student transfer process.

Please direct any additional questions you may have to

Thank you,

Holly Demé, ASSIST Program Director

ASSIST Executive Management & Oversight Committee
Monica Lin, University of California Office of the President
Karen Simpson-Alisca, California State University Office of the Chancellor
Raul Arambula, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

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