Articulation Modernization Project

Project Overview

The Articulation Modernization Project was launched as part of the ASSIST Strategic Plan and our commitment to providing users the ability to complete their work efficiently via core system functionality built using current and innovative technology. The project has multiple anticipated outcomes:

  1. A better articulation management experience for university articulation officers
  2. Increased agreement consistency and greater understanding with a dynamic and streamlined agreement format
  3. A strong system architecture, stable and efficient code base, and structures that support data integrity and uniformity
  4. An ability to easily and accurately share articulation data for use in other student transfer systems and applications
  5. Improved user experience when searching agreements on 

The purpose of this page is to provide project-related information including general timeline, development progress, visuals for anticipated features, and more. Updates will be published regularly and summarized in the ASSIST quarterly newsletter. Sign up to receive updates by email on the ASSIST Resource Center News page.

ASSIST data managers (Articulation Officers) will receive specific functionality information in preparation for working in the modernized system via ASSIST email distribution lists. If you manage articulation data for your institution and need to confirm if you are on the appropriate distribution list, please contact your ASSIST Senior Articulation Analyst. 

General questions or comments? Contact us at the ASSIST Help Desk -


For reference, the ASSIST terms are associated with the following calendar months:

  • Fall (Oct, Nov, Dec)
  • Winter (Jan, Feb, Mar)
  • Spring (Apr, May, Jun)
  • Summer (Jul, Aug, Sep)

Development Progress

For more information regarding specific development tasks, view the high-level list of development progress items: Development Progress.  

Design Showcase

  • View a collection of images that showcase anticipated modernized system features and functionality: Design Showcase.
  • View how articulation agreements will look across academic years: Agreement Design Updates.
  • View a recording of the June 2023 webinars covering display changes and features of modernized agreements: ASSIST Modernized Agreements.


Page updated: 4-18-2024