Articulation Modernization Project

Development Progress

The following is a high-level list of development progress items and relevant timeline targets. This list will be updated regularly and may evolve as user experience feedback is incorporated.

For reference, the ASSIST terms are associated with the following calendar months:

  • Fall (Oct, Nov, Dec)
  • Winter (Jan, Feb, Mar)
  • Spring (Apr, May, Jun)
  • Summer (Jul, Aug, Sep)

  Development Milestone




  Articulation data extracts released   Extracts   Winter 2024  

  Notification Center

  • Alert system for when sending courses with established articulation are updated
  • Ability to filter notifications by change type (unit, title, prefix, course number, transferability, cross-listing) 
  Data Management   Winter 2024  
  History tracking feature
  • Dedicated page to view the history of changes made to articulation, templates, and prework items (series, requirements, campus-specific general education)
  Data Management   Winter 2024  
  Agreement copy forward feature   Data Management   Winter 2024  
  Public website modernized agreement updates released   
  Modernized articulation reports (part 2)
  • Additional articulation report features and tools
  Agreement bulk publishing   Data Management   
  23-24 Agreement search and navigation code updates (PDF to HTML)   
  Modernized articulation reports (part 1)
  • Reports identified as critical for managing articulation when data managers access the modernized system
  Sending course transferability and eligibility feature   Data Management   
  Add CSUGE, CSUAI, IGETC, UC Elig to templates feature   Data Management   
  Data migration
  • Analysis of articulation data migration options
  • Scripts written for migration
  • Queries written to provide spreadsheets of conversion data specifics to campus data managers
  Agreement publishing   Data Management  
  Agreement preview   Data Management   
  Where used feature   Data Management   
  Add attributes (conditions of articulation) and instructions (advisements) to various locations   Data Management   
  Create major (specific) override articulation   Data Management  
  Template section instruction and sub-instruction feature   Data Management  
  Template section organization tools
  • Click and drag template element reordering feature
  • Dynamic alpha-numeric structure labels
  • Ability to include “important” icon with highlighted text
  • Customizable to display alphanumeric or opt out
  • Delete, change item options
  Data Management  
  Add requirement sections to templates   Data Management  
  Template element click and drag menu
  • Add titles, headers, sections, sub-sections, rows, attributes
  • Add course, series, requirement, general education to section
  Data Management  
  Add text sections to templates   Data Management  
  Template management options   Data Management  
  Create new template feature   Data Management  
  Template Management page
  • Academic year, template type filter
  • Page navigation, menus
  • Landing page user interface design
  Data Management  
  Create and manage articulation
  • Create and manage course-to-course articulation
  • Create and manage course-to-series articulation
  • Create and manage course-to-requirement articulation
  • Create and manage course-to-general education articulation
  Data Management  
  Prework Management page
  • Create and manage receiving course series
  • Select and manage campus-specific requirements
  • Select and manage campus-specific general education
  Data Management  
  Build Articulation page
  • Institution, academic year, view by filter options
  • Page navigation, menus
  • Landing page user interface design
  Data Management  
  Create sandbox environment for testing   General  
  Create modernized articulation database, tables, and structures   General  



Page updated: 12-6-2023